Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano: Bill Clinton Should Have Been Investigated For Sex Claims

No, Alyssa, it was not a different time.

I can’t accuse you personally, as I don’t know “where” you “were” at the time, nor anything you may have said.  But the Left did — FOR PURELY PARTISAN POLITICAL REASONS — give him a free ride the whole time as to the sexual allegations.

Personally, I like him a lot.  I know people who lost all respect for him when the undeniable adultery came to light.  For me, it was the perjury question.  The case against him was rock-solid.  And whether I liked him or not, I wanted him removed from office.  And also serve whatever sentence the courts might impose.

The Senate majority Democrats killed that, again, FOR PURELY PARTISAN POLITICAL REASONS.

Maybe he can share a cell with Bill Cosby.

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