Marshall Swing

One more failed end times prophecy

(This may get incorporated into a later post about end times beliefs in the First Century.  But for now, I thought I’d put it out there.)

In July 2016, in chapel at the shelter where I stay, Pastor Mike mentioned that a worldwide economic disaster was forecast to occur that fall.  I had heard about this.  One of the factors was that a Sabbath year (Shemitah) or Jubilee (Yovel) was to begin on Rosh Hashana of that year.  Pastor Mike said this was sure to come about.  “The only question is whether the Rapture will happen first.”

11 September 2018, I tried and failed to find anything about this online.  The man who set forth this prediction was a messianic Jew, which was supposed to give him expertise.  He’d made the rounds of all the “Christian” TV talk shows, and, of course, had written a book.  On 12 September, I searched Amazon and found nothing.(*)

I did come across someone I’d never heard of before, one Marshall Swing, a supposed expert in precious metals, who was outspoken in insisting that Bible prophecy forecasts a global market crash to occur 20-27 July 2018.  Apparently, no one’s bothered yet to delete those posts.

(*)Postscript, 2021-03-21:  The individual behind all this is and was one Jonathan Cahn.

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