5) Pray for the public schools.

<– 4) Invest your own money. Home 6) Emanate love. –>

Almost all poor children attend public schools.

It is impossible for any thing to benefit them that does not also profit society as a whole.  Thus prayer for them is a powerful shortcut to praying for the community and the nation.

Effective schools mean reduction in crime for decades to come.

Effective schools produce graduates who will be self-supporting and taxpayers.

Adequate funding for schools depends on the property tax base and income tax base.  Prayer for such funding is thus prayer for full employment and for better housing for everyone.

A child’s success in school depends much on coming from a peaceful, loving home.  It is good to pray for families, for marriages, for understanding and emotionally mature parents.

Pray that parents marry.

Bathe these children in love and light; and you’re not just praying for them, but for us all.

<– 4) Invest your own money. Home 6) Emanate love. –>

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