Using a prayer list

It is actually very hard for me to believe this works, but I have a lot of convincing evidence it does, and I do it every day.

Let me say that again.

It is actually very hard for me to believe this works, but I have a lot of convincing evidence it does, and I do it every day.

You can pray effectively for a whole lot of people at once, without having to mention even one name, and with minimal effort.  Here’s how.

Take a piece of lined paper, and write down on it the names of all the people you want to pray for.  You can write more than just the name, but just the name is all that’s necessary.  Alternatively, you can type up such a list on the computer, but a hard copy printout of the list is what you’ll use for prayer.

When the time comes to pray for those people, take the paper and hold it in your hands.  It need not be held out flat; you can roll it up or fold it.  When you enter prayer for them, imagine a cloud of bright, white light surrounding the paper.  Or, you can imagine brilliant light shining out from the paper itself.  Direct love toward the whole group of people, as a group, all at once together.  Verbal prayer at the same time, prayer in thoughts or words, is optional.

Hold that image, and that love, until your intuition tells you to stop.  This could be 10 or 15 seconds, or two or three minutes.  Ambrose Worrall said, “Experience indicates that the complete list can be covered without mentioning a single name, with results equal to those obtained when names are recited.”(*)

Your job is not to name each person’s name, or know each person’s needs.  The Light itself will do those things.  The Light itself will seek out each one’s needs and help them; find where each one is weak, and strengthen; where each one is sick, and heal; where each one feels fear, and provide encouragement.  Your only task is to let the Light flow through you, for this time.

And that’s that.

You don’t need to create a new list every day!  You can use the same one every day, until there is a change.  You will, of course, add and delete names to and from the list, from time to time, as some folks’ needs pass away and other folks’ needs appear.

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(*)The Philosophy and Methodology of Spiritual Healing, ¶ 22.

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