A gun control hypocrite, and other news

A gun control hypocrite  •  “Enhanced interrogation”  •  Bail reform measure moves forward  •  Cleaning up McDonald’s  •  Fallen heroes of the Reagan Revolution  •  Early detection of Alzheimer’s  •  Suave coconut body wash

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Sounds like a Jackie Chan movie but this Chinatown underworld plot is real, cops say

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CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

Although the approach apparently had its fans within the agency, again, it appears that “torture” obtained nothing useful. If I recall correctly, both Ian Fleming and John LeCarre expressed similar reservations about it.

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Md. Senate approves measure to streamline bail

I recall the night I sat in a tiny booth before the Commissioner, at about 11:30 p.m., who set my bail at $15,000. If I recall correctly, she said I could get a bond for $1,500. I wept (sic), “Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?” She said, “That doesn’t apply to bail.”

Why it matters? See previous post: Bail is for the birds

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014.  Since 03/05/14, efforts are in progress to clean up the McDonald’s I frequent.  These aren’t all convenient to me.

The fellow who used to sell “loose ones” inside the store — He basically stayed there all day, and I buy (or bought) from him a lot. — got told he could not stay inside like that; so he began standing out front.  Then he got told he could not stand out front; so yesterday he began standing in front of a vacant lot about 50 yards away.  This morning the cops and one of those Downtown Safety Guides gave him a ticket, so henceforth he can’t stand anywhere around there at all.

I hadn’t regarded him as particularly drawing “riff raff,” but maybe the change is having an effect — or else the policy is being uniformly applied, and none of the guys who used to hang out front can do so any more.

I have issues around this, as will appear in later posts to be tagged   I sat there this morning contemplating that the atmosphere in the place does seem better.  Nonetheless, the psychotic Lisa Watkins was downstairs screaming obscenities so loud I could not hear the woman next to me who was trying to engage in conversation.

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Savings and loan figure Charles Keating dies at 90

Lest we forget, every one of the Wall Street heroes of the Reagan era went to jail.

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Biomarker Points to Alzheimer’s Risk

A longitudinal study of 525 adults over five years found that abnormally low levels of ten lipids in the blood, predict with 90% accuracy which individuals will go on to develop Alzheimer’s disease. This is significant as researchers increasingly believe early intervention is crucial.

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A shoutout to the Follower who, inspired by this post, gave me a ton of Suave coconut body wash for Christmas. As other posts may or may not make plain, I’ve just come through the worst crisis I’ve faced since becoming homeless. It lasted several days. The body wash was a real help. At least, each day, for some time in the shower, I could be happy! Thank you!

(Originally posted 04/14/14.)

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