Lesson 25: Suspension and confession

The path of least resistance flows downhill.

As of February 13, 2018, I am suspending work on the typing course.  Other needs have become more important and more urgent.

For the past few weeks, my routine has been as follows.  At night, I would draw up my word lists in longhand in a notebook; the next day, when I can get online, I’d devote half an hour to putting those words into a new lesson.  This way, I was able to create one new lesson every day.

Drawing up lists of, say, four-letter words(*) can be tremendous fun for a nerd like me, but it doesn’t require any courage and isn’t getting my life where I need to go.  My time writing longhand in the notebook outside regular business hours, needs to go instead toward writing the remaining chapters of The Way of Peace — if I am to keep my life on track, if I am to walk my talk.

That does take courage.  It’s work.  It’s hard.

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I have also come under significant pressure to find conventional housing; that is, to get away from the shelter.  That is taking work and courage, too.  Escaping, half an hour a day during normal business hours, is a luxury I can’t afford.

I’m grateful for what I’ve learned already in the course of preparing these lessons.  In the future, I may re-do the course to present the most-commonly-used words first.  It would be good to present sentences using all the words.  I want to present the words in a variety of different sequences, since typing them in alphabetical order —

find, fink, food, fork, from

— teaches one thing, and in a different order —

fink, link, mink, pink, sink

— teaches another.

But that’s for the future.  In the meantime, I’ve bookmarked a cool resource that some folk might like to visit: http://www.yougowords.com/.

That’s all, folks.

Previous lesson:  Lesson 24: Forms of “be,” “have,” and “do”

Copyright © 2018 William Tell

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