Popping corn in a saucepan or skillet

Every thought is a prayer.”  To the end of making good use of the four hours or so every day we’re compelled to be idle at the shelter; and of speeding the day when I’ll find my own place; I’ve taken to daydreaming intentionally about things I’d like to do in my own place.  Some of those, I mean to share here, as doing so involves giving more time to those dreams.  Many involve cooking foods I like that we never get at the shelter.  Related: “What a homeless man dreams of.

(Note, March 28, 2018:  By the time this post appears, I sure hope I have my own place.)

You don’t need a corn popper to pop corn.  You can use a saucepan or skillet.

Melt 1/4 cup butter or margarine in the bottom of the pan.  Add enough yellow popcorn to cover the bottom of the pan.  Put the lid on, and put on medium heat until two or three kernels pop.  At once, remove from heat and let sit for one minute.

Return to the same heat.  After about one minute, there will be a virtual explosion, as the remaining kernels pop almost all at once.  Remove from heat.

There will be no or nearly no unpopped kernels, and no scorching.  You will not need to add salt or butter, because the butter’s already there that you cooked it in.

The reason for removing from heat for one minute is this: corn pops at a certain high temperature, but initially all the kernels are at random different temperatures.  When the first two or three kernels pop, they, the oil, and the pot have all reached that high temperature.  Removing the pot from the heat gives all the other kernels time to absorb heat from the oil and the pot and all together reach very nearly the same high temperature.  When you return the pot to the heat, the kernels will then almost all reach the popping temperature just at the same time.

Use yellow, not white, popcorn to do this: white popcorn requires a higher popping temperature, that melted butter or margarine can’t reach.

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