Lesson 20: The “pre” dilemma, part 1

The combination “pre” presents a dilemma.  Although in a perfect world there would be no hooks and we would alternate hands at all times and forever; here, either “pr” or “re” must be a hook.  And as yet I’ve found no good reason to think it must be one way and not the other.  (Either way, typing the “e” with the right hand would make no sense at all.)

So, I’m about to present all the same words, fingered two different ways.  In this lesson, we will use “pr” as the hook.  In the next lesson, we will use “re” as the hook.

Word list:

prey prespreach spread prefer
prevent predate prepare express prevail
repress presiddepress prelate present
pretend pretext pretense prejudge suppress
predator prenatal prescient pre-exist preoccupy
apprehend appreciate depreciate comprehend
premonition predation precognitive prepubescent

Previous lesson:  Lesson 19: Words containing “rea”
Next lesson: Lesson 21: The “pre” dilemma, part 2

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