“Soft” and “hard” skills in school; and other news

Socialization technique helps in academic achievement, trial study finds
Caitlyn Virts, Relisha Tenau Rudd amber alerts
Paul Ryan and the brown bag
Woman’s brain scanned during astral projection

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Socialization technique helps in academic achievement, trial study finds

I think this is important.

This article isn’t a feel-good, fluff piece. It deals with brass tacks.

In Chaos Overwhelms the Poor, I noted that schools in the United States assume a degree of emotional maturity that is often lacking in “disadvantaged” — adults, let alone children. The research noted in this article can be construed as indicating that in-school intervention to advance children’s emotional maturity facilitates success in the “hard” subject areas, such as reading and mathematics.

The foil: “[R]esearchers found that children in classrooms where the technique was fully used scored significantly higher in math and reading tests than students in classrooms where it wasn’t applied. [Emphasis added.]” As contrasted with classrooms where the technique WAS NOT “fully used,” the teachers in the experimental group were quite possibly simply excellent teachers to start with, whose students would have out-performed others regardless.

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Search continues for missing Dundalk girl

These events seem most often to occur when adults have rendered total chaos in the home. I’m not talking about just the events of 03/06/14. Look at the whole family history as reported.

Maryland girl found
Multi-state manhunt ends

Another, like story:
March 21:
D.C. police find truck, continue search for missing 8-year-old girl – about  Relisha Tenau Rudd.  Which name, in turn, brings up the whole question of names.
March 22:
Warrant issued in woman’s death for man sought in Amber Alert case
Man Linked To D.C. Amber Alert Charged In Wife’s Murder
Note names again.  As un-cool as it is that Tatum’s wife died, I’m more concerned about this Ricky Lyles person.
March 26:
Authorities release video, up reward in search for missing 8-year-old Relisha Rudd
March 27:
Relisha Rudd’s difficult past comes into focus
March 28:
D.C. police: Missing 8-year-old girl may be dead
Includes numerous corrections to previously reported chronologies.
April 1:
Body in park tentatively identified as Relisha Rudd’s alleged abductor, police chief says
I note this comment by “hoticetea:” ““If it is him, where is Relisha?” said the girl’s aunt, Ashley Young. “Where is she at?” You MUST be kidding! Don’t you think you should’ve asked that question A MONTH AGO? Did you care a month ago?”
May 15:
After Relisha Rudd’s disappearance, who should care for her three younger brothers?
An in-depth look at the family’s history.

Names again:
3 children starving, 1 chained to floor


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A story too good to check: Paul Ryan and the story of the brown paper bag

I’m not eager to wade into polemics. I do have strong feelings about food stamps, and I regret Ryan’s use of this story to an end diametric from the facts of its sources. I don’t know how a story about school lunches became a story about food stamps; and given Ryan’s and others’ goal of CUTTING both food stamps and school lunches, I wonder how a mother was to get anything to put in the bag.

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Scientists Scanned A Woman’s Brain During An Out-Of-Body Experience — And What They Found Was Amazing

Pardon me while I become grouchy. For me, this is non-news, except as a reminder of the sorry state of research in this area; and I’m clueless as to why that’s the case. There is nothing amazing to me here except that this research wasn’t done decades ago (sic). To verify that she is not hallucinating, they needed only to construct a blind experiment in which she would project her awareness into an adjacent room — and then do the brain scan.

(Originally posted 03/24/14.)

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