Beans and rice

Trump’s Budget Would Partly Replace Food Stamp Benefits With Canned Goods

I respond to the first paragraph only. Nothing else. The first paragraph.

Beans and rice are nothing to despise.

I first applied for food stamps in 2004. I had had a professional career for 25 years, and for three generations not one member of my family had ever been subject to any form of “welfare.” Now I sat in a 40-by-40 lobby full of people, filling out the forms. Assets: –0–. Bank balance: –0–. Income: –0–. And I wept. I cried like a baby.

A sister-in-law, an #immigrant, responded to this news by waging a campaign for the family to disown me. She would later tell her husband she did not want to be married to a man whose brother receives food stamps. To my family’s credit, her campaign failed. I’ve been through tons of difficulty, and to their credit, my blood kin have never left me.

Beans and rice are nothing to despise.

In my current world as a homeless man, I deal with many, many people who persevere in need BECAUSE they despise every single blessing God provides. My only hope, currently an active hope, to improve my own lot, rests in being GRATEFUL for every blessing God provides.

Beans and rice, for example.

So, here we go: Poor people, listen up! Just in case you DON’T despise every single blessing God provides, it’s OK.

#Liberals like @Arthur Delaney stand ever-ready to despise it FOR you.

2 thoughts on “Beans and rice

  1. I hate politics and don’t have any idea how to solve our problems. But, I know that for the 13 years I received food stamps I watched every penny on my card. I recently moved from a small depressed town in AZ. I watched families with SNAP cards with 3 or 4 unruly kids load their carriages with potato chips and soda. I bought things that would last me through the month. Beans and rice are good for you, cheap, nutritious, and delicious. I never, ever, ever, throw food away. There are millions, maybe billions, of people at this moment who would give anything for the luxury of beans and rice. Livestock are abused and slaughtered for humans to throw what they don’t eat in the garbage. And a lot of the people I saw on food stamps were fat. And people would sometimes approach me wanting to sell their card holdings, they don’t want the food they want the cash. Yes it can and is done.

    1. Great to hear from you! Too bad there appears to be no “Like” option for comments in this “theme.” Your experience sounds very much like mine. Every gram of food I bought got used; nothing ever was allowed to go bad or go in the trash.

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