Lesson 5: The Hook

Although we want to alternate hands, we don’t want to cross hands.  Typing p with the left hand, and then r with the right hand — with any speed — would be awkward.

A “hook” is a situation where two or more letters are typed with the same hand.  (The term comes from carilloneurship.)  In our models, when a hook occurs, the second and any subsequent letters will be bolded.  So, for example, in the combination “pre,”  the p and r are typed with the right hand, and then the e with the left.

In today’s practice, be sure to type any bolded letter with the same hand as the one before.  Take your time.

Word list:

light flight fright slight lightly lights idiot caught ought fought wrought sought bought
thought thoughts much touch touches touched
ouch pouch pouches grouch 


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