Lesson 2: Easy words

The point of this lesson is to get used to alternating hands.  Each of these words begins with an “on” letter (I’ll explain “on” and “off” later.), and alternates hands until the end.

Step 1:  In the “Practice area” below, type these words as is.  Alternate back and forth between left and right hands, with each letter.

Step 2:  On other paper, make up (compose) sentences using these words.  You don’t have to use them all; just write whatever you happen to think of.  Then, in the “Practice area” below, type those sentences.  When you’re done, click outside the “Practice area.”

Word list:

all also and are at aware but could focus for guy half hand have hare hares her his in keyboard let letters mare mares name on only rifleman right roars soared sort spend stays the they when words


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Next lesson: Lesson 3: “On” and “Off”

Copyright © 2017 William Tell

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