Shopping list

(Originally posted 01/27/14.)

When I get my own place, there’s no need to move in all at once.  I can do it in stages; the shelter’s still available.  And this will make less for me to have to carry at any one time.

So, here’s my daydream of the sequence of different things I can buy on different occasions.  Lucky for me, I can probably buy all these items at Family Dollar.  I don’t plan to be extravagant, but with the income I’ll have, relative my needs, there’s no need to be cheap, either.

1) Towel, washcloth, bath mat, clothes hangers, toilet paper.
2) 6 pair socks, 1 pair trousers, 2 dress shirts, 2 t-shirts.
3) 2 qt saucepan, 1 set silverware, kitchen knife, dish soap, scouring pad.  (To buy later:  loaf pans, colander, cutting board, mixing bowl, measuring cup, measuring spoons, rolling pin.)
4) Comforter and two sheets.  (At my former residence I never had a bed, and never wanted one.  I had a bed roll, slept on the floor, and daily “made my bed” by simply rolling it up!  Prior to this point in my moving-in process, I will be content to sleep on a bare floor.  I am grateful enough just to have my own place.)
5) Litter box, litter, cat food, cat dishes, pooper scooper, Bizzy Balls(R)
6) Cat
7) Shoe trees, shoe polish
8) Broom, dustpan, bucket, scrub brush, cleaning cloth.  (Don’t need a mop.  I get down, baby, on my hands and knees.)
9) Laundry bag
10) Tablet (And then I’ll need the library only to print.)
11) Donate Office 2010 to the church (And then I won’t need the library at all.)
12) Digital audio recorder (to make audition tapes.)

Strictly financial to-do’s and goals:
– Start using offering envelopes (tithe).
– Pay off life insurance loans.
– Build up IRA.  (Given my sparse work history going back to 2005, Social Security for me is likely to be a pittance.  It will only be prudent to save up as much as I can.  Aside from that, to be prosperous, I’ll probably, anyway, need to work until I die.)
– Find other ways to be generous.


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