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St. Louis riots

Third St. Louis protest of police acquittal begins peacefully

The pattern continues that we saw in Ferguson and Baltimore, that demonstrations during the day are civil, and the rioting only occurs at night.  A former co-worker was of the belief that these disturbances normally last three days.  We shall see whether that pattern continues, also.

Slender Man verdict — Anissa Weier

Jury: Wisconsin girl mentally ill in stabbing of classmate

I had not known that both girls were pleading insanity.  I had expected the one with short, dark hair and facial moles to be the leader, but she’s not.  This is Anissa Weier.  Morgan Geyser is the one with long, blonde hair and clear skin.  The Wikipedia article doesn’t name any of the girls, but from that and an 08/01/14 People article I know that Morgan is the one who’s clearly nuts.  Her father is schizophrenic also; she also has Oppositional-Defiant Disorder and at times has refused to take her meds.

Update, 12/22/17: Wisconsin girl convicted in Slender Man stabbing sentenced

The Lyon Sisters: Closure

Lyon sisters case: Man pleads guilty to 1975 murders of 2 Maryland girls

40-year-old mugshot clue to finding girls’ killer

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