Don’t Quit! How to Be Happy at a Crappy Job

If at all possible, never, ever, allow yourself to become completely jobless.  My doing that was the worst financial decision I’ve every made in my life.  It was very, very costly.

I don’t know if it’s directly related to how I became homeless, but for sure, I never mean to do it again.

This author gives a number of suggestions for obtaining peace for oneself in the midst of a lousy job situation.  The one thing I’d say differently:  once you’ve made up your mind that “This can’t go on,” don’t just make a plan and start saving up money.  Instead, immediately begin searching for your next job.  Actual searching; do it.

You need to be able to transition directly from the job you’ve got, to the (new) job you’ve got.

Don’t Quit! How to Be Happy at a Crappy Job

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