In recent weeks, in my quest for spiritual growth and improvement of my own condition, I have had to deal with lots of complicated stuff — chakras, sephirot, different dimensions of the personality or psyche, previously unknown stages in the progression from infantilism to adulthood.

This flies in the face of my conviction that the Gospel must ultimately be simple; and the same for everyone, regardless of one’s circumstances or developmental stage.

I come to the conclusion that it is.  Simple.

One simple thing Jesus taught enables a person to navigate, continuously, through all the various stages of development and among all the dimensions of the psyche (or the cosmos).

At one time, a former pastor of mine was using a quotation from Scott Morrison as his e-mail signature.  Now, I know practically nothing about Scott Morrison, and information about him is hard to find.  But here it is; for all practical purposes, it says it all.  Eighteen words:

No past, no future;
Open heart, open mind;
Complete attention, no reservations.
That is all.

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