How can Jesus possibly be wrong?

In a recent post, I said, if Jesus did teach thus-and-so, he was wrong.

That’s an extreme position for someone who calls himself a Christian.

And some may be alarmed at the total rejection of Biblical “inspiration” it implies.

There are quite a few wrong things in the Christian Bible.

For the moment, I’ll pass over those I find in the “Old Testament.”

Particularly from a series of threads done by Sophiee at Messiah Truth about “365 Prophecies of Jesus,” it has become clear to me that nearly all of the “Old Testament” quotations in the book of Hebrews are misapplied.

Yes, it can shake one’s confidence in what one thought one believed.

1 thought on “How can Jesus possibly be wrong?

  1. I’m sure you’ve read these before.
    Mat 23 (CAPS MINE)
    1 Then Jesus spoke to the crowd and to His disciples,
    2 saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in MOSE’S SEAT..
    8 But you must not be called Rabbi, for One is your teacher, Christ, and you are all brothers.
    9 And call no one your father on the earth, for One is your Father in Heaven.
    10 Nor be called teachers, FOR ONE IS YOUR TEACHER, EVEN CHRIST..

    Mark 10
    2 And tempting Him, the Pharisees came to Him and asked Him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife?
    3 And He answered and said to them, WHAT DID MOSES COMMAND YOU ??

    Only Moses and the coming Christ (messiah) TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL OTHERS can teach the tanack INFALLIBLY.

    There are far more than enough INTERPRETATION INDEPENDENT materials in the tanack and the words of Jesus in the NT to live by till the the Christ (messiah) shows up.

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