Job search diary 11/09/16 – 11/29/16

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MONDAY 2016-11-14
CVS – Penn North
Called. H____ not in today.

WEDNESDAY 2016-11-16
CVS – Penn North
Called 12:55. Spoke with H____. He was too busy to talk now; will call me tomorrow.
Issues at the shelter
I was one of 11 guys turned away last night, and one of 5 turned away tonight. At someone else’s request, I e-mailed the head honcho of the joint, as some things may be going on, to cause these problems, that he’s unaware of and would not approve.
MONDAY 2016-11-28
CVS – Penn North
11:18. Called, spoke with H____. A change in payroll came through, and he will not be able to take me on. Said, however, that the manager of another store wants to interview me, and intends to call me no later than Friday — but I can call her first.
CVS – 2560 W. Franklin St.
This is the store H____ referred me to. This one also burned in the 2015 “uprising.” I hadn’t known that. Called, spoke with K____; set interview for 10:00 Wednesday 11/30/16. The store is 3½ miles west of the shelter, 5 miles west of church.
Saiontz & Kirk
E-mailed J__ M___ a query about part-time work, through the CSE&K web page. Was unable to find an independent e-address for him.
Save-A-Lot – 2509 E. Monument Street
Logged into SAL job page; my application is still active. Called. They’re “not hiring at the moment.” Plan to visit the store in person in two weeks and ask again.
TUESDAY 2016-11-29
CVS – 2560 W. Franklin St.
A financial pinch has come up, and I am destined to be without bus fare tomorrow. Called 12:00 to cancel and reschedule interview. K____ was not in today, but the person I spoke with took a written message for her.

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