Job search diary 11/03/16 – 11/08/16

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THURSDAY 2016-11-03
Issues at the shelter
Posted on FB: Turned away again tonight.
So here’s the deal:
Tomorrow morning, get up no later than 5:15. Leave 5:45 and walk down to the Shot Tower Metro station; this will be do-able because I’ll have left everything at church. Arrive ~6:30. Donald Lee will meet me there and buy me an all-day bus pass.
Take Metro to Penn-North; do the interview; take Metro back to Johns Hopkins and then walk back to church. May arrive ~9:00.

FRIDAY 2016-11-04
CVS – Penn North
Interview went well. H___ is a real no-nonsense kind of guy; has been manager of that store for ten years. He has ten more people to interview before he makes a decision, so it may be a while. But he said there are two other stores that are interested in me also. I am to call him next week.

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