Job search diary 10/19/16 – 11/02/16

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FRIDAY 2016-10-21
CVS – Penn North
Called yesterday around noon; connected with H____; he was covering the register and so couldn’t talk at that moment; said he’d call me back. Called today at noon; he won’t be in the store until tomorrow.

SATURDAY 2016-10-22
CVS – Penn North
Called, spoke with H____. He said he’s been tied up with other things but still has me “on the radar” and will get back to me no later than Monday.
Issues at the shelter
Me and two buds got turned away last night. Me and nine buds got turned away tonight.
SATURDAY 2016-10-29
CVS – Penn North
Finally connected with H____ by phone. Interview 7:00 a.m. Friday 11/04/16. The guys in the clothes room at the shelter will get me better shoes and trousers.
MONDAY 2016-10-31
Saiontz & Kirk
ISO part-time work as a legal secretary: I googled J__ M___ ISO his e-address, which isn’t available at S&K’s site but might be elsewhere. I wanted to ask him for [the office supervisor’s] e-address. Turns out he’s no longer at S&K; he left in 2015; he’s at Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg. So that’s why I often see him in Mt. Vernon. S&K hasn’t updated its web page since he left.
I was stymied as to what to do now. I decided to e-mail him with the same questions, at his new place. There was no time to do so today.
I logged into my profile to see about applying to the new store at 2509 E. Monument St. Turns out I have two active applications, one there. This was submitted in April. I found a phone number for the store, and will call.
WEDNESDAY 2016-11-02
Issues at the shelter
Left church 14:15. Leo and Carlos met me 50 yards from the shelter, going the opposite way. Carlos said the last six guys in line had all been turned away. There was no point in my trying to get in. If at all possible, I need to get in tomorrow night: I have the interview 7:00 a.m. Friday, and it would be best to have had a shower — and have clean socks.

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