Job search diary 10/05/16 – 10/11/16

WEDNESDAY 2016-10-05
CVS – 101 N. Wolfe St.
Attempted to return P____’s call. Phone just rang and rang.

THURSDAY 2016-10-06
101 N. Wolfe St – Tried to return P____’s call. Again, phone just rang and rang.
934 N. Charles St. – Called J____, set interview for 12:00 Monday 10/10/16.
FRIDAY 2016-10-07
CVS – 400 E. Pratt St.
Interview 10:00. The store is attractive, and in very easy reach from the shelter. R____ comes off as the kind of boss I could easily work for. The interview itself went well; however, my restricted availability (6:00 – 2:00 daily) is an obstacle as they’re already overstaffed on day shift. He said they’ll call me if anything opens up.
CVS – 101 N. Wolfe St.
Reached P____ by phone. Set interview for 1:00 Thursday 10/13/16.
MONDAY 2016-10-10
Change in housing options
A new housing option has become available to me, such that from here on I need to tell prospective employers I’m available 6:00 – 2:00 daily if I get fewer than 30 hours per week, but 24/7 if I get 30 hours or more.
CVS – 934 N. Charles St.
Interview 12:00. Went well. J___ intends to hire several people. However, he was unable to access my application online, and this needs to be corrected before we can go further. He e-mailed my contact at the corporate office about this while I was still there.

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