Job search diary 09/08/16 – 09/20/16

THURSDAY 2016-09-08
Visited site using a Mac in a different part of the church office. Had to change password. Was unable to access any information about my previous applications. No current openings suitable for me in Maryland. Will need to ask someone more familiar with this terminal to help me turn on the sound.
The availability of this terminal to me is a game-changer, as I will be able to access numerous other sites, e.g. Target, that had only been available to me at the library. However, I will also need someone to teach me the basic Mac keyboard shortcuts; I’m only familiar with Windows.

Applied for:
Cart Attendant – Boston Street;
Guest Service Attendant – Boston Street;
Logistics Team Member – Boston Street;
(One can only apply for three titles at any one time.)
System did not recall any information from previous applications.
Application active for 60 days.
FRIDAY 2016-09-09
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Positions of interest:
• LSA-Clerical, Circulation. Limitation: “[P]osition … requires the ability to work …a flexible schedule that includes evening and weekend hours.” $8.75/hour; closing date 09/09/16.
• These have closing dates of 09/16/16.  As with the former, they require evening and weekend hours.  However, at the salary indicated, I will be able to get a hotel room as needed, or possibly get my own place:
Office Assistant II, Audiovisual Support
Office Assistant II, Circulation
Office Assistant II, SLRC
Office Assistant II-Invoicing (Acquisitions)
They require that one attach to the application, as separate documents: a cover letter; references; resume.  Attached resume to my profile today.  I will need to create the other documents in MSWord at the library on Tuesday; that’s the only access I normally have to MSWord.
CALL BACK from Target — Tioga Parkway. (1) I’m surprised, as I have no active applications there. (2) I only know because I called them back and got the store’s main number. I could go no further, as I didn’t know the person’s name or extension. The first few seconds of the call were garbled, and then T-Mobile cut us off. (a) Time to complain to T-Mobile. (b) I need to let these calls go into v-mail, and then call back from a land line.
SATURDAY 2016-09-10
Issues at the shelter
I was turned away tonight for the third time in four days. Details elsewhere. Trying to get there early enough to get in is really going to preoccupy me.
MONDAY 2016-09-19
For some time, church members M_____ and A_____ have been urging me to seek work here. Chimes is known to me principally as a sheltered workplace for developmentally disabled persons; they dispatch crews for example to do janitorial work at the subway stations. The principal work opportunities for non-disabled persons would be supervising or supporting these other workers.
Yesterday, however, A____ told me church member Ms. C____, who has limited eyesight, had found a position with them tailored to the abilities she has; and they may also have housing opportunities.
Visited their site today. Found nothing different from what I had supposed. Did not find any portal to apply for one of those sheltered positions. I will need to talk with Ms. C____, and/or phone them.
Visited site using the more advanced terminal at church. There is now an opening that would be perfect for me:
ClerkCashier – 221196BR – 101 N. Wolfe St.
When I tried to apply, I wound up having to change my password (again), and then got a page saying my browser had cookies disabled, and I must enable them for the page to display correctly. In the end, I never got past that.
I went to Chrome|Preferences, and as far as I could tell, cookies are already enabled. I added as an Exception, returned to the former page, and got the same results.
The terminal I was using is highly idiosyncratic. It’s a Mac with a PC keyboard. The Ctrl key is supposed to serve as the Command (⌘) key, but doesn’t. (Thus I was unable to “Find” the new password in my private copy of this post.) And this draft blog post wherein I keep my “job search diary” kept “becoming unresponsive.” Techy help with this terminal won’t necessarily be available to me just any time; it wasn’t today.
I will try again from the library tomorrow.
Issues at the shelter
Turned away for the fourth time this month.
I left church about 14:10, meaning I arrived about 14:40. The gate opens at 14:30, so within ten minutes all the available bunks were taken.
I had quit work 13:45. Maybe 25 minutes is too long for me to get ready to leave, but I can’t think of any way I could have left earlier.
TUESDAY 2016-09-20 (at the library)
Spoke with Ms. C____ last night. Apparently they will hire non-disabled people to work on their crews.
The particular opening mentioned yesterday no longer appears in the list. Decided to apply for Clerk/Cashier – 25200BR – 400 East Pratt St.
Resume attached to my profile was from 2013. Replaced with current resume.
Applied to all these, up to the point of beginning Virtual Job Tryout (VJT):
Clerk/Cashier – 101 N. Wolfe St. – 221196BR
Clerk/Cashier – 400 E. Pratt St. – 25200BR
Clerk/Cashier – 5200 York Road – 25209BR
Clerk/Cashier – 2504 N. Charles Street – 25212BR
Clerk/Cashier – 630 Exeter St. – 26099BR
Clerk/Cashier – 934 North Charles St. – 442993BR
Front page for VJT says, “Our process supports allowing candidates to apply to desired positions/locations, even if there is not a current position available.”
System requirements for VJT include these:
•Operating system of Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, OS X v10.4 or later
•Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox 29.0+, Chrome 34.0+, Safari 7.0+, iOS Safari 5.0+
•Browser requirements:
◦Enable Cookies, Pop-Ups, and JavaScript
◦Disable Private browsing mode
E-mailed the church’s techy person asking if our Mac meets those.

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