Job search diary 08/10/16 – 08/16/16

THURSDAY 2016-08-11
Starting over
Looked over record of what I’ve done so far, and it’s just overwhelming. Decided that rather than try to pick up where I left off, I’d do better to just start all over. Many of the applications I submitted before have no doubt expired.

MONDAY 2016-08-15
Under Armour
CALL BACK from Catalina in HR wanting to schedule an interview. This call came just as I was preparing to leave for the shelter, so I asked if I can call her back tomorrow. I also want to check bus routes before scheduling.
TUESDAY 2016-08-16
Under Armour
Checked bus routes. See next entry.
Issues at the shelter
The commute is intimidating: 90 minutes from church, 75 from the shelter. (Pause.) Frankly, I’m in abject terror of not getting back from the interview in time to get a bunk, and this doesn’t even count what faces me daily if I get the job.

On the one hand, as a supposed favor to the men, they’ve been opening early because of the heat, but I’ve not been there when the announcement is made. On the other hand, the “program” continues to commandeer beds from the “overnighters” (; last night there were 25 “programmers” there, leaving only 35 beds (out of 60) for us homeless guys.

I’ve been turned away from the shelter twice in the past four days. It has me completely distracted.


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