Job search diary 06/29/16 – 07/05/16

WEDNESDAY 2016-06-29
Applied to:
Job. No. 1914520BR – Retail Customer Service Associate – 3003 N. Charles St.

Whole Foods Market
No local openings today.
No openings in Baltimore suitable for me today.
GOT A CALL BACK from manager of store at 900 N. Caroline Street. My availability is too limited for them to consider me.
I felt discouraged for a while, but then said, “Discouragement will happen; I have to overcome obstacles.”
WRONG THINKING: “I can’t get a job with hours I can work.”
RIGHT THINKING: “The job I get will have hours I can work.”
Under Armour
No new openings in Baltimore suitable for me today.
Harris Teeter
Applied for:
Part Time Bagger Canton Crossing (Job Number: 1609192)
Part Time Produce Clerk Canton Crossing (Job Number: 1609188)
Part Time Cashier McHenry Row (Job Number: 1606335)
Part Time Produce Clerk McHenry Row (Job Number: 1605055)
THURSDAY 2016-06-30
Harris Teeter
Applied for:
Part Time Produce Clerk The Shops at Canton Crossing (Job Number: 1605063)
Full Time Starbucks Barista McHenry Row (Job Number: 1603188)
Part Time Starbucks Barista McHenry Row (Job Number: 1603462)
Part Time Deli Bakery Clerk McHenry Row (Job Number: 1602698)
Part Time HBC Clerk- McHenry Row (Job Number: 1512652)
Part Time Customer Service Clerk- McHenry Row (Job Number: 1512641)
Applied for Barista at:
200 East Pratt Street Space #2110
100 East Pratt Street
2400 Boston Street, Suite 101
1209 North Charles Street.
One can only apply for four locations at any one time.
“*Are you interested and willing to comply with a dress code that prohibits the display of tattoos on the face or throat, and prohibits the display of any tattoo with offensive images or words? ”
“Is there any employer that will not rehire you?”
Need to re-apply in 60 days.
FRIDAY 2016-07-01
Second Chance
Filled out paper application.
Dollar Tree
Hand-delivered application.
This is an online marketplace for voice (spoken word) talent. To my surprise, I did not already have an account. Created profile. Profile url:
Need to create some demo files of not-to-exceed 60 seconds each, to upload.
National Association of Broadcasters
This is a jobs board for the broadcasting industry.
I’ve received a couple e-mails from them lately.
It would pay to update my profile.
Was unable to log into “My Account.”
This may be a browser issue, but if I recall correctly, the last time this same error message (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap) came up, the next day it didn’t.
But I’ve had such problems with this site in the past.
That may explain why, it turns out, I have two accounts — one in my stage name, one in my real name.
TUESDAY 2016-07-05 (At the library)
National Association of Broadcasters
Managed to log in to the account that uses my real name. There’s a good deal of work to do there, more than I likely can do today. Wanted to check the account also that uses my stage name; but I could not find any way on the site to log out of the first one!
Harris Teeter
CALL BACK from manager of the Canton Crossing store, 3779 Boston St. Set interview 2:00 p.m. Thursday, July 7.
CALL BACK from manager of McHenry Row store, 1801 Whetstone Way. Set interview for 10:00 a.m. Friday, July 8.
Researched bus routes.
CALL BACK from manager of 100 E. Pratt St. location. Set interview for 3:30 p.m. Monday, July 11.
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Visited site. No openings today.
Second Chance
E-mailed application and resume. No current openings suitable for me. Application is kept on file for one year.

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