Job search diary 06/15/16 – 06/21/16

WEDNESDAY 2016-06-15
Titles to re-apply to:
Bakery Clerk (11002) (SWY)
Baker-Assistant (11190) (SWY)
Clerk-Service (11195) Bakery (SWY)
GM/HBC Clerk (11065) – GM/HBC (SWY)
Starbucks Clerk (11973) (SWY)
I previously applied to various night positions, but I can’t take any job like that right now.

Visited site. Nothing new today.
Price Rite
Visited site ( They have one Baltimore location, 1205 W. Pratt St. They appear to accept applications continuously. Many titles of interest:
– PriceRite – Carts Clerk
– PriceRite – Cashier/Clerk
– PriceRite – Porter
– PriceRite – Produce Clerk
– PriceRite – Scanning Clerk
– PriceRite – Stocking Clerk
Applied for: Carts clerk
Applications expire after 90 days.
Attempted to apply for Cashier/Clerk; got message that I already have an application in. One is asked to specify all titles one’s interested in, with the first application. So, I guess I’ve effectively applied for all six titles.
THURSDAY 2016-06-16
Two local locations:
4601 Liberty Heights Avenue (Howard Park)
3221 Cleanleigh Drive (Parkway Crossing)
PriceRite and ShopRite are both divisions of Wakefern Food Corporation.
ShopRite uses also; actually, the Careers page is identical to that of PriceRite.
I was able to sign in using the same username and password.
Multiplicity of available titles:

– Appy/Deli Clerk
– Baker
– Bakery Clerk
– Cashier
– CSA/Carts Clerk
– Courtesy Counter Clerk
– Dairy Clerk
– Food Service Clerk
– Front End Runner
– Frozen Foods Clerk
– Grocery Clerk
– Health and Beauty Clerk
– Maintenance
– Meat Clean-up Clerk
– Non-Foods Clerk
– Pharmacy Clerk
– Produce Clerk
– Receiver
– Scanning Clerk
Applied for Bagger at Howard Park — and all the above.
Stop, Shop & Save has gone out of business as of sometime in 2014, but Yahoo! Maps still shows half a dozen locations in Baltimore.
Stop & Shop is a brand of Giant; I’ll need to check out Giant later.
Shop & Save is a chain in Missouri, but there are two stand-alone stores with that name in metro Baltimore.
Area locations:
601 E. 33rd St.
5150 Sinclair Lane
7709 Harford Road
8100 Loch Raven Blvd (Towson)
6340 York Road
1020 W. 41st St.
FRIDAY 2016-06-17
Applied to positions at 6340 York Road: Cashier. I’m also interested in these titles: Stock Clerk, Pharmacy Clerk, Service Clerk, Bagger/Parcel Pick-Up, Porter, Baker’s Assistant.
The system asks you to indicate any other titles you’re interested in, and also asks if you’d like your application shared with other stores in the area.
I went back and began an application for Stock Clerk at the same location. The system did not recall that I had been there before, nor did it recall any information from my previous application. So, it’s feasible to apply for each specific title at each specific location, at the cost of having to re-enter all one’s information again each time.
I question whether that’s worth the effort, since I indicated interest in the other titles, and the other stores, on the first application.
MONDAY 2016-06-20
Uses Taleo.
Applied for:
Part Time Customer Service – Part-time – 1509748
Owings Mills, 10100 Reisterstown Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117
(A new store, opening in Fall 2016.)
Application is kept on file for six months.
Whole Foods Market
Two best locations:
1001 Fleet Street
1330 Smith Ave
No openings today.
To check back weekly.
TUESDAY 2016-06-21
Enoch Pratt Free Library
No openings today.
Rite Aid
“Floating Pharmacist” only opening in Baltimore City.
Applied for:
Store Clerk – Part Time (2701 W. Cold Spring Lane) (Job Number: 52139)
Store Clerk – SAL (537 McMechen Street)(Job Number: 55329)

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2 thoughts on “Job search diary 06/15/16 – 06/21/16

    1. It’s about time you showed up!

      It can be tough to keep going when actually options appear few. E.g., I have 16 applications in at Safeway, now, and 11 at Save-A-Lot, and not one call back yet. However, I recall (more often than one might think) your saying that “Most failure is failure to try.”

      Thanks for your timely support!

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