Job search diary 06/08/16 – 06/14/16

WEDNESDAY 2016-06-08
Visited site, meaning to “Withdraw” old applications. The web page conclusively will not work with the browser available to me at church.

THURSDAY 2016-06-09
Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.
A well-known law firm, where I’ve worked before. They may have some part-time work available. Visited site.
Iron Mountain
This firm provides records management services to many law firms, such as records storage (archiving), shredding, document management, imaging and document conversion. They are likely the largest in that field in Baltimore. Visited site. (1) No openings in Maryland today. (2) They have multiple Maryland locations, but all outside the Beltway.
Three locations of interest:
11 S Charles St
3003 N Charles St
202 E Pratt St
They use
Completed online profile; applied:
Job No. 1912785BR – Retail Customer Service Associate – 3003 N Charles St
Job No. 1912784BR – Retail Customer Service Associate – 3003 N Charles St
Completed skills assessment.
MONDAY 2016-06-13
Went to a “hiring event” this morning, at 3250 E. Fayette St. I had completely forgotten they had a store there. This location is ideal for me, a straight shot to or from the mission on the #23 or #26 bus. They advertise $12.00/hour to start.
You can never tell what detail will derail an interview. The acoustics in the place weren’t good, and I found some of the interviewer’s questions hard to hear, and cupped my left ear. That may have been a fatal error. I also felt I answered too quickly when she asked why I want to work for Aldi. I looked around the store and said, “A great place to shop must be a great place to work.” Even though I believe that, I might better have talked about how much I like serving customers, stocking shelves and mopping floors.
TUESDAY 2016-06-14
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Visited site. No openings today.
Rite Aid
Visited site. Only one opening in Baltimore City today: Floating Pharmacist. That’s not me.
Website not functioning correctly today.
No new openings at locations of interest to me. I have nine active applications.
Went to site meaning to “withdraw” old applications. I have fourteen applications in now. Clicking on “Withdraw” brings up an ominous message saying that if I do that, “you will not be able to re-apply for this job from this site.” Applied for “Food Clerk – Front End Service” (Cashier/Checker) at all three locations.
Postscript, Weds. 06/15: From what I saw yesterday, apparently you can submit a new application for the same job at the same store, and it will overwrite the old one. So, that’s how to refresh the old applications.

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