Job search diary 06/01/16 – 06/07/16

WEDNESDAY 2016-06-02
Aside: Re: Housing
Tuesday, my therapist asked me what I see as the greatest obstacle to employment. Answer: Housing. If I had my own place, I could work any hours, any shift; would be able to conduct job search until 5 pm daily, whereas I must appear at the shelter at 2:30; etc.
Wednesday, I met with a woman who comes to the shelter once a week; she comes from some City agency and tries to get guys hooked up with various resources, including housing. She said that, with only one exception, every housing facility she knows of requires that an applicant be either elderly (62 or older; I’m 60.), disabled, or both. She is to touch base with that one exception she knows of, and see if I might can get in there.

FRIDAY 2016-06-03
Re: Housing
Spoke with the case worker. She said the place she had in mind specifies that applicants under the age of 62 must have a disability.
So there is a de facto assumption in the marketplace, that if you have a job, you can afford your own place. That’s not necessarily the case. Meanwhile, there’s nothing out there for someone in the same situation as me.
Dollar Tree
Filled out paper application.
TUESDAY 2016-06-07 (At the library.)
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Visited site ( No openings today.
Rite Aid
Stores of interest:
#355 – 125 E. Baltimore St.
#3981 – 423 E. North Av.
Visited site. No openings at either store today.
Applied for:
Cart Attendant – Boston Street store
Cashier – Boston Street store
Service Desk Team Member – Boston Street store
These were the only openings at either Baltimore store.
Visited site. Applied for:
Store Clerk – Job No. 42404 – SAL #531, 3427 Clifton Ave
Store Clerk – Job No. 55322 – SAL #531, 3427 Clifton Ave
Changed password; uploaded new resume. System requirements (Mozilla Firefox 28) indicate I may not be able to use this page at church.
Locations of interest:
2401 N. Charles St.
2610 Boston St.
4401 Harford Road
(Note, 06/08/16: I submitted an application for “Courtesy Clerk,” essentially a bagger, at all three locations, but specifics somehow got lost from this blog post, and their web page does not, indeed, work with the browser at church.)
My list of “Jobs I’ve Applied To” includes applications I submitted years ago. I will probably do best to “Withdraw” the old applications and submit new ones, so they’ll have fresh dates.

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