* WaPo: Wrong-headed on gun control

Wrong-headed on gun controlFox News anchor: I didn’t know it was criminal to be a Christian • Hacking for dollars: (1) Spy agencies patronize them.  (2) Open for business, online

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“The argument against common-sense gun control crumbles”

A lapse in the system allowed Dylann Roof to buy his gun.

From this, the Washington Post concludes that gun ownership needs to be more tightly restricted.


No change in the law would have kept Roof from obtaining a gun.

The fault lies not with the law, nor the system, but Roof, Roof alone.

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Fox News anchor: I didn’t know it was criminal to be a Christian

Gretchen Carlson fails to allege that anyone ever alleged it was.

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Hacking for dollars:

(1) What it took for Ethiopia to lose access to hacking tools it used against journalists in the U.S.

(2) This 25-Year-Old Vietnamese Man Stole the Identities of Nearly 200 Million Americans
I’m not real confident in that “200 million” figure. A Google on “fullz,” however, finds an alarming number of criminals who are peddling such information openly online.

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