* A third phase has begun.

Saturday  2015-05-02

A third phase has begun, with yesterday’s filing of charges against the six officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest; but perhaps more importantly, with the press conference given by the Gray family’s attorney, Billy Murphy, that afternoon.  I will attempt to link here to, or embed, a complete video of that press conference; or, alternatively, copy the complete transcript here.

Wednesday 2015-05-20

Media coverage of gang violence sure looks different when the perpetrators are white

There has been no “gang violence” in Baltimore in 2015, so this article is attempting to compare two completely dissimilar events. The article also actually says nothing about “media” coverage, as that term is normally understood; its focus is on social media responses, something very different.

34 Murdered in Baltimore Since Freddie Gray Died

“Black lives matter:” the message hasn’t gotten through.

Friday  2015-05-22

Yesterday afternoon I was able to look at a hard copy of the day’s Baltimore Sun.  A front page article reported that there had been 22 shootings “Tuesday and Wednesday” in the Western [Police] District alone.  I am unable to link here to the article, because the Sun website says I’ve exhausted my free views for this month.  But again:

“Black lives matter:” the message hasn’t gotten through.

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