* Climate change is nothing new

Climate change is nothing newRe-examining the housing bubbleHilary Swank“Super-hydrophobic” metals could mean clean latrines“Women priests” again

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650-Year Drought Triggered Ancient City’s Abandonment

They adapted. So must we.

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Challenging what we know about the housing bubble

The biggest myth debunked here is the notion that the crisis came principally from predatory lenders’ targeting the poor. Unaccounted for is how the “subprime” mortgage market — a place I believe my late father, a Realtor, would have warned that no one should ever go — became so large that its collapse very nearly brought down the entire world.

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Tuesday 2014-02-09.   Last night we watched The Next Karate Kid, and today I read up on it.  Hilary Swank is an accomplished actress, and this was her breakout role, though the movie itself got panned.  In accepting her second Oscar for Best Actress, she said, “I’m just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream.”  That sounds like her role in Million Dollar Baby.  In this film, the climactic fight scene was trivial, and the clique of bad guys such as never would happen in history.

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Laser-generated surface structures create extremely water-repellent metals

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Robes for Women: Demolishing the Gender Gap in Catholic Priesthood

As I said before, these folks are getting lots of favorable media coverage; and I still don’t get it. We can be certain the Vatican is paying them absolutely no mind. Here comes my first use of the term “media bias.” I note that Michelle Bergmann did not quote any Roman Catholic sources.

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