* Make ’em all taxpayers

Anticipating November, Democrats act desperately

Kathleen Parker says Democrats are pushing the minimum wage increase in a “desperate” effort to boost turnout at the midterm elections, whereas the proposal stands no chance of passing Congress.

As a policy of The William Tell Show, I’m more interested in an issue’s substance than in who will win.

The minimum wage increase may not be a good idea, but relates to numerous issues of personal concern to me.

The floor is open for either party to propose alternatives that will reduce dependence on entitlement programs. And such dependence is a definite feature of the minimum wage as it is. “How You Subsidize the Minimum Wage” explains how such workers are forced to rely on food stamps and housing subsidies to survive.

Washington, D.C. currently faces a crisis of homeless families, given a shortage of affordable housing. This is likewise an issue for me personally as I seek to find my own way out of homelessness, and an issue for the community that my church serves.

I recently had a job prospect that would have paid $30K. In two months, I could have left the shelter to rent a studio for $600/month — if it were available. The prospect fell through; the number’s what matters.

Pastor has organized a coalition to bring affordable housing to the community.   They’ve set a target of $500/month for rent or mortgage payment. I believe that’s the correct amount for our people. But if I was seeking a studio for $600, how do they mean to house a family for $500?

I’m not keen on any expansion of housing subsidies.

Nothing would please me more than to become a net taxpayer. In fact, I pray for that every day. Seriously.

We can solve the problem of the 47%: just make ’em all taxpayers.

That won’t happen with the minimum wage as it is.

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(Reblogged 05/31/18.)

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