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Fox News host complains he can’t make racist comments on the air

The discussion of race in America is still a hot topic that many in the media are afraid to touch. When it comes to speaking about issues within the African American community, one white news commentator is not happy that he can’t speak his mind.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson notes that he can't make racist claims about black teens that other African Americans can.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson notes that he can’t make racist claims about black teens that other African Americans can.

After 18 year old Michael Brown, an African American, was gunned down in controversial fashion by Darren Wilson, a white officer from Ferguson, Missouri, the issue of race in America was once again on the the front pages. Protesters were arrested, tear gas was shot into crowds of demonstrators, as controversial police tactics were also brought into question. Following typical media trends, conservative news outlets overwhelmingly took the side of the police officers, while more liberal groups focused on the possibly of racism that brought on the shooting of Brown and the forceful actions of the police.

During the October 19 edition of “Fox and Friends” on Fox News, host Tucker Carlson spoke with Kevin Jackson, the Executive Director of the website “The Blacksphere,” whose goal is to “end identity politics, educating with satire and humor.” Jackson noted that African Americans have started to shift away from the Democratic party, partly because Republicans have been more welcoming to them than they have been in the past. Carlson pointed to a conversation that he had with an unnamed African American leader who said that the group he disliked the most were “white liberals” because they “patronized” him.

Jackson went on the ground in Ferguson during the protests and asked who the demonstrators were actually protesting against if the president, the attorney general, and the head of Homeland Security were all black. “There’s not a white Republican boogeyman to blame,” Jackson said, before noting that “it’s about time that these folks woke up and said ‘let’s starting looking at results.’”

Carlson then noted that many African American Democrats often view the Republican party as “racist,” to which Jackson agreed. “That is a meme that is unfortunately permeating through the black community, but you’re starting to see that crack,” Jackson pointed out. “Eventually when you’ve been kept down, and you start seeing the results, eventually you’ve got to wake up.”

The conversation then got even more controversial when Jackson put the blame of violence in the African American community strictly on the door step of “black teens.” Jackson said that the “reality” is not the wrong doing of the police, but rather black youth.

“Black neighborhoods are not safe, and it isn’t because of cops, it’s because of black teens. It’s because of black crime. So at some point, the reality hits you. If you’re running the gauntlet to get to work or to get to school, it’s not cops stopping you, it’s the people in your neighborhood.”

Carlson was quick to agree, stating “you just said something I couldn’t say, that most people couldn’t,” complaining that as a white person, he couldn’t make controversial and racist comments about African Americans.“We’re living in an age where you’re not allowed to say obvious things, and you kind of have to conform,” the Fox News host stated. While a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows the favorability of the Democratic party dropping to a 30 year low, even with African American voters, there is no consistent sign that Republicans will gain a large portion of the voting bloc.