Notes on OGS chapel

Friday, May 31

My suggestion would be to have chapel 1/2 hour every night, 7 days a week.  Given the day-to-day turnover of the men, on any given day there may be half a dozen people who really need it.

Presenters need to be told (1) to ASSUME every man present is ALREADY born-again; and, (2) these men aren’t in any Program.

Kingdom Life Church appears now to be on the schedule three or four times a month.  The presenters include Elder Conrad, Minister Jeff Morton, Buster Tyson and Chris Ragsdale.  All need to GO.

Date Affiliation Leader Stay/Go
1st Sun. Wailing Women STAY
1st Mon. Unknown; Adventist Jose Reid GO
1st Tues. O Taste & See Jerome McCoy GO
1st Weds. Howard Community Church Pastor Mike – STAY
Pastor Gene – STAY
Pastor Charlie – GO
1st Thurs. Calvary Baptist Church Scott Ahlers STAY
1st Fri. Serenity Ministries Pastor Scott STAY
1st Sat. New Directions? [Korean Guys] GO
2nd Sun. Kingdom Life Church Elder Conrad GO
2nd Mon. Church of Christ the Savior Tim Weldon STAY
2nd Tues. Lifeline Outreach Prayer Ministry Pastor Pam STAY
2nd Weds. Christ Centered Ministries Kirk STAY
2nd Thurs. Reformation Bible Church Bro. Pete STAY
2nd Fri. (no one’s coming)
2nd Sat. The Lord’s Church Ramico Morton GO
3rd Sun. Baltimore School of the Bible STAY
3rd Mon. (vacant now)
3rd Tues. Halethorpe Community Church Pastor Harold STAY
3rd Weds. Unknown “Lexington Market” GO
3rd Thurs. New Antioch Baptist Church Michael Joyner GO
3rd Fri. (no one’s coming)
3rd Sat. Kingdom Life Church? Doesn’t matter. GO
4th Sun. Kingdom Life Church? Doesn’t matter. GO
4th Mon. First Baptist Church of Guilford Jervis Ray GO
4th Tues. St. Paul Baptist Church Rev. Lee Smith STAY
4th Weds. (vacant now)
4th Thurs. No one’s coming.
4th Fri.
(Even months)
Grace Community Church Dave and Byron GO
4th Fri.
(Odd months)
Billy Graham Evang. Assoc.? Bob Savage GO
4th Sat. No one’s coming
29th Ezekiel Baptist Church Willard Brewington GO
30th Kingdom Life Church Buster Tyson GO
31st Heart of God Gayle GO