From diary 06/27/19:

I won’t try to organize this.

In the drafts, I spoke in one place of the ways of prosperity and the ways of poverty, and said one may need to change one’s ways.  In another place, I said one can either create blessings or unhappiness.  In the end, I was rapidly approaching a place where I either would say or could be construed as saying, “You’re poor because you’re a sinner.”

Somehow as I reflected on chaos and order, I recalled that a context of chaos teaches the ways of poverty, and a context of order teaches the ways of prosperity.

This somewhat relieves the reader of the moral burden of having made wrong choices.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things.

So I now think to start with a couple chapters about chaos and order before getting into the nitzotz and self-love.  Have anxiety that readers may not have patience for such chapters prior to becoming engaged personally.

Chaos creates unmet need.


I lived for five years as the onliest white man in a ‘hood where most black folk won’t go. <> Make no mistake: I’ve also lived in all-white hell-holes.  I tell that story here:  Someone stole my tablet.

People who live disorderly are marginalized.

You meet your own creations.

Love brings order.

The social fabric.

This is an experiment, a true “essay” (attempt, try).

Before incorporating certain material into Get on Your Feet (GOYF), I want to prove to myself certain propositions:

  • Love is the ordering principle of the universe;
  • Self-love is the key to establishing integrity;
  • Self-love is the key to establishing order in one’s life;
  • Love is key to establishing a social order

I recently posted into a draft chapter of GOYF, this list of character traits essential to success in the social mainstream:

– honest
– diligent
– responsible
– reliable
– cooperative

Three of the five — honest, responsible and reliable — boil down to aspects of integrity.  Of the order that comes from being faith-full, walking one’s talk.

Integrity has little practical usefulness in a world of chaos.


The work of establishing integrity



autonomy, self-determination
focus (v. scattered energies)

fruits of the spirit: products of self-love?

wealth and poverty begin as spiritual acts

Ed re: honesty and order

From “For us:”

From the wastes, God fashioned a new universe, our present one, of tikkun — denoting “order,” “harmony,” “rectification.”  Here, most sentient creatures are “makers,” not “takers.”  They are prone to honor God’s blessings, using them to create good things for oneself and finally for others as well.  As in any harmonious system, the various elements reinforce and strengthen one another.  Through cooperation (synergy), they create even more blessings together than they all possibly could do individually.

All human advancement has come through these means.

Chaos nonetheless persists in many places in this world.

Chaos is where:
• As you walk down the street, every person you meet asks you for money or a cigarette.
• You dare not show your cash.  Ever.  If you do, someone is sure to take it.
• You dare not give anyone a cigarette where others can see; or else half a dozen people will come up to you and demand one for themselves.
• You have to “watch your back,” literally: you learn to turn your head slightly left and right with every step you take, so that your peripheral vision constantly scans 360° — for possible human predators.

Self-perpetuating conditions
Can’t be predicted; can’t be forced
Normal isn’t healthy
Why racism[3]
They likely had unmet needs in childhood.