DONE – Seek peace and quiet

From the blog post, “Noise:”

Noise, in general, is chaotic or random sound.

Danny personifies noise.

He has a foul mouth, and talks constantly in a loud voice, usually about other people.  His elbows are always sticking out, and he talks with these wild hand gestures like you see in a rap video.  For some reason, he insists on sitting at my favorite table at meals.  More than one of us are actually happy when he doesn’t come.

In my years working at the dollar store, I found needless noise a great stressor.  It may stress me out less now given the internal silence I have achieved.

Disadvantaged people will sit side by side and hold a conversation shouting.  They’ll stand at opposite corners of a large room and hold a conversation shouting.  A stranger outdoors will shout at you from 50 yards away asking for a cigarette.  The noise level in their homes is often deafening.

One of the most marked differences between disadvantaged and prosperous people is this:  self-disadvantaging people love noise, whereas prosperous people love peace and quiet.

Self-disadvantaging people create drama, while prosperous people create harmony.

Which do you want for yourself?

* Have the goal that, in your home, wherever you stand you’ll never hear more than one audio device (TV, stereo, etc.) at a time.

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Indoor voice vs. outdoor voice

If you want to talk with someone, don’t shout at him or her.  Walk up to the person until you’re close enough to shake hands.  Then speak in a voice only loud enough for her or him to hear and understand you — no louder than that.

If you have to raise your voice, the noise around you is too much.  The loudness of sound is measured in “decibels,” or dB.  Any noise louder than 100 dB will ultimately damage your hearing.  This is the level at which you have to raise your voice to have a conversation.  Many places, you can’t control that, but in your house —  Make sure your house stays quiet enough that you don’t need to raise your voice.