Baton Rouge woman arrested after alleged slaying of ex’s new girlfriend

Names in the newsWhy Donna Edwards lost

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Names in the news

Xzayvion Riley:
Father accused in son’s fatal beating sues Sheriff’s Office, claims lack of protection from attack at Parish Prison

Makanzee Oldham:
Detroit toddler, shot in fight over tossed drink, dies

Iyona Dzshae Hammond:
Woman Accused of Stabbing Boy in Bank Robbery Charged

Taiquan Moss:
Baltimore police arrest victim following five-person Memorial Day shooting
Arrest Made In Baltimore’s Memorial Day Quintuple Shooting

Kiera Lashay Turner and De’Shannon Browder:
Baton Rouge woman arrested after alleged slaying of ex’s new girlfriend

Tyrese Johnson and Keimari Dugue:
2 teens shot by police say they didn’t know SUV was stolen

Diata R. Crockett, Reign Crockett:
Father sought after boy killed in mother’s arms in St. Louis

KenDarious Edwards Jr.:
Indictment: Gang leader ordered hit on baby from jail

Devante Billy:
Paralyzed New Orleans lawyer, slain Navy vet’s relatives scold killer for 2012 crime spree: ‘We don’t have within our hearts to forgive you’
At least he pleaded guilty.

Che Lajuan Calhoun:
05/19/16 – “Unprovoked” tragedy for Houston boy walking home from school
05/20/16 – Man Arrested in Stabbing Death of 11-Year-Old Houston Boy
05/22/16 – Charges Dropped Against Houston Man in 11-Year-Old Boy’s Stabbing Death

Azealia Banks:
Here’s why people are talking about Azealia Banks
Skai Jackson Explains Why She Had To Drag Azealia Banks On Twitter
Skai Jackson Explains Why She Decimated Azealia Banks On Twitter
Banks had a previous go-round with Sarah Palin. Is there any point at which we can conclude that a person is a bigot? Is that possible if the person is black? Will a bigot ever masquerade as a civil rights activist? Or is the case sometimes, instead, that he or she has a disturbed or unstable personality? I am beginning to wonder if the word “zeal” embedded in Banks’ first name plays a role.

Dominic Tra’Juan Castro:
Teen dad fatally shot his stepson because he wouldn’t stop jumping on the bed

Gotta love the tat.

“The boy’s biological father is currently in prison for multiple convictions and was denied parole in January.”

Shirellda Terry and Shetisha Sheeley:
Father of Murdered Teen Lunges Over Court Table, Attacks Convicted Sex Offender Who Allegedly Killed His Daughter

Jaikare Rahaman:
Boys found stabbed to death were on state agency’s radar
Three different fathers.

Taariq Stephens:
Chilling video shows accused killer named by teen with her dying breath

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Why Donna Edwards lost

Congressman Donna Edwards recently lost the Democratic Senate primary in Maryland. She is blaming racism and sexism for the loss: she is a black woman, and her opponent was a white man. This ignores any question of what the voters actually did, and why. For example, four of ten black female voters supported her opponent, so there must have been more than race and sex at work.

The most notable feature of her campaign, to me, was an attack ad she ran; the following quote from the WaPo article just linked to, speaks for itself:

“There are just too many guns on our streets in the wrong hands and nothing will change until we break the gun lobby’s stranglehold on Washington,” Edwards says to the camera. “So when my opponent and the NRA cut a backroom deal so they could keep buying off politicians, I called them on it, and we won.”

Analysts called this, at best, highly misleading.  But she continued to run such ads even after they had been condemned by the White House, the Washington Post, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.

The NRA has nothing to do with gun crime on our streets.  The vast majority of the guns out there are illegal already, and in the hands of individuals who would never have passed a background check to begin with.  No new law, nor absence of new law, will change this.


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